Think Global: AIPC Pandora is Empowering the Next Generation of Global Leaders

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This International Women's Day we're proud to champion women entrepreneurs, amplifying their missions and showcasing their impactful work. The theme for this Women's History Month is "Inspire Inclusion," and Ford Fund partner Ana Eseverri Mayer, director and founder of AIPC Pandora and CEO of Global Youth Academy is empowering the next generation of global leaders. AIPC Pandora offers international educational programs focused on personal growth and skill development for young people. Through collaboration with Ford Impulsando Sueños, AIPC Pandora enables students to participate in programming and cultivate the mindset necessary to help build a better world.

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Q: What drives your mission at AIPC Pandora and Lea Global Pathways?
A: Our goal is to train the next generation of leaders who are committed to making a positive impact on global issues.
We believe that an education that is non-formal, experiential, practical, and international is key for developing the skills and mindset needed for young people to work together towards a better world. Through our global campus, we provide students with the experience and knowledge necessary to work in diverse environments. We encourage a transformative vision in areas such as health, education, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, ecology, technology, diversity, and intercultural understanding.


Q: Can you describe the communities you reach and how you reach them through your programs?
A: For students with limited access to resources, we collaborate with schools, associations, and organizations in various countries that share our mission and programs. Our partners are fundamental to our work, always ensuring that we reach those with the greatest need and who can benefit the most from our experiences.


Q: Can you tell us how your partnership with Ford Fund supports your work at AIPC Pandora and LEA?
A: Thanks to our collaboration with Ford Impulsando Sueños, we've positively impacted more than 3,000 young people, 250 teachers, and more than 400 facilitators.

In 2025, we're set to pilot the next phase of our Ford Impulsando Sueños partnership, with a focus on collaborating with teachers and schools. Through this initiative, we hope to expand the number of students trained and communities impacted. Through our partnership with Ford Fund, we're able to provide our students with the assistance needed to improve their access to quality education.


Q: How will AIPC Pandora and LEA continue to support women and girls?
A: Inclusion is part of all of our projects to ensure both men and women are able to participate. For some of our international projects, like those in India or South Africa, we specifically target women because our work in these countries supports the economic and social development of women entrepreneurs. Up to 70% of the volunteers for these projects are women.


Q: How can Ford employees and the community support your work?
A: We love volunteers! Ford employees looking to volunteer with our Ford Impulsando Sueños program can get in touch with the Ford Volunteer Corps. For more information, please email or visit MOBILIZING VOLUNTEERS (

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Ana Eseverri Mayer

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