Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

Who is Ford Philanthropy?

Founded in 1949 as the Ford Motor Company Fund, Ford Philanthropy is the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company. Through investments supported by Ford profits, we collaborate with our grantees and partners across several impact areas.

We make essential services more accessible, empower the next generation of leaders with the skills and education for the future of work, and connect innovators with capital, mentorship, and training to expand opportunities for business ownership and diversify the entrepreneur community.

How is Ford Philanthropy different from Ford Foundation?

The Ford family founded Ford Foundation in 1936. Ford Philanthropy (previously Ford Motor Company Fund) was founded in 1949. Ford Motor Company and Ford Philanthropy, headquartered in Michigan, are completely separate entities from Ford Foundation, located in New York. Ford has no control of the Ford Foundation grant-making policies or decisions. Each operates independently.

What is Ford Philanthropy’s mission?

Partnering with communities to move people forward and upward.

How does Ford Philanthropy deliver impact?

Through grantmaking, Ford Community Centers, employee volunteerism and Ford’s mobility expertise.

Areas of Impact

What are Ford Philanthropy’s core impact areas

Essential services, education for the future of work, and entrepreneurship—made possible through expanded access to mobility-based solutions to support people who have limited or no access to transportation.

What types of organizations does Ford Philanthropy support?

We support organizations that work on the following issues:


  • Essential Services: Partnering with local community organizations and nonprofits to expand access to food, healthcare, transportation and other critical services in communities where Ford has roots
  • Education for the Future of Work: Building pathways to education to prepare the next generation of leaders for careers in mobility, technology and the trades
  • Entrepreneurship: Connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with access to capital, mentorship, and training to diversify the pipeline of new founders
  • Mobility: Investing in solutions that use transportation and technology to connect people with the resources and opportunities they need to move forward
Where Does Ford Philanthropy Invest?

We partner with communities spanning more than 30 countries around the globe.


Ford has been investing in our hometown of Detroit, Michigan since the company’s founding in 1903. We have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with nonprofits and community organizations in the city for more than seven decades, and our contributions to education, food security, child and family advocacy, and arts and culture can be seen across Metro Detroit.

We also invest in programs with Ford dealers, employees and community organizations in our plant cities and in other strategic locations across the U.S. and around the world. Our partnerships and programming are designed to be responsive to unique community needs and help ensure people have equitable opportunities to move forward.

What is a Ford Community Center?

Ford Community Centers bring nonprofits, residents and community leaders together to expand access to food, essential services and job training. Since 2013, we have developed a global network of Ford Community Centers, with locations in Detroit, West Tennessee; Halewood, UK; Craiova, Romania; Pretoria, South Africa; and Bangkok, Thailand – each unique in how it reflects the needs and culture of the community it serves.


How can I apply for a grant?

We have a closed grant making process. Out of respect for the time and resources of all our stakeholders, we are unable to accept unsolicited proposals or grant applications.

How does Ford Philanthropy choose organizations to invest in?

Ford Philanthropy awards grants to international NGOs through our partner Global Giving, US-based nonprofits and other tax-exempt organizations.


Ford Philanthropy does not support organizations that unlawfully discriminate in their provision of goods and services based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, physical challenge, age, or status as a protected veteran.

How do I apply for a grant?

Once you have been invited to submit a grant proposal and the proposal is approved, you will receive an email with an access code and instructions on how to apply for a grant

If I am already a partner, how do I access my account?

If you have not previously applied for a grant with Ford Philanthropy through our CyberGrants portal, you must first register. Upon logging in, you will be required to enter an invitation code provided by your Ford Philanthropy representative. This code must be used when starting and/or editing an application. Before you submit your application, please be sure to select the Ford Philanthropy representative you are working with from the drop-down menu.

Ford Volunteers

Who can volunteer with Ford Philanthropy?

Ford Philanthropy volunteer projects are available to all full-time Ford Motor Company employees and retirees.

Ford’s United Auto Workers employees have different compliance regulations for volunteering. Please reach out to your supervisor directly to understand your volunteer options using paid time off.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Please sign into Cybergrants to get started or contact for more information about volunteer opportunities. You can also sign up for the Ford Volunteer Corps Newsletter or follow Ford Philanthropy on Facebook.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please visit the Contact Us section of our website for more information or email

Can I take paid time off to volunteer?


Ford employees can request up to 16 hours of fully paid time off to volunteer.

What is Global Caring Month? How can I get involved?

Global Caring Month is our annual month-long focus on community service. Every September, we award grants to employee-nominated organizations around the globe, and employees have the opportunity to plan and participate in numerous community service projects. For more information, please contact us at


How do I contact Ford Philanthropy?


Please visit our Contact Us page or email us at for more information on Ford Philanthropy’s work, volunteer opportunities or partnerships.