Our Work

Expanding access to opportunities and resources that empower people to pursue their dreams.

A woman doing volunteer work

Partnering with communities to move people forward and upward

For more than seven decades we have worked shoulder to shoulder with our grantees driving impact in communities around the world.
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Essential Services

Access to food, healthcare and transportation are interconnected. The lack of just one of these can be a major barrier to progress and have a cascading impact on a community.
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As the skills needed to obtain and retain jobs are evolving rapidly, increasing access to education for the future of work helps people unlock new opportunities.
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Systemic barriers make it difficult for some to start businesses. By connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with access to capital, mentorship, and training, we help create a diverse pipeline of new founders.
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Without transportation, it is difficult to access food and healthcare or pursue economic opportunities that enable people to progress. Mobility solutions help connect people with the resources they need to move forward.