Whether working together for decades or embarking on a new partnership, building strong relationships is foundational for us.

A person carrying building materials

Listening and collaborating leads to innovation and progress

We work on the ground to understand local needs. Our partners’ input and expertise help us determine how we invest resources to drive lasting change.

Two volunteers for Feeding America working with donations

Spotlight: Feeding America

Feeding America’s network of food banks, pantries and meal programs helps neighbors facing hunger get the food they need to thrive.
Two boys and a girl at a technical training

Spotlight: Tech Force Foundation

Tech Force Foundation provides access to technical training careers to develop the next generation of highly skilled workers.
Partnerships Heartland Forward women speaker

Spotlight: Heartland Forward

Heartland Forward is a "think and do tank" focused on economic renewal for states and local communities in the middle of the country.
Partnerships Vision To Learn child at eye doctor

Spotlight: Vision to Learn

Vision to Learn provides mobile eyecare services, free eye exams and glasses to students in communities with limited access to vision care.

Who we partner with

We partner with nonprofits and other tax-exempt organizations whose missions align with our philanthropic priorities.

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We partner with U.S. 501(c)(3) and other tax-exempt organizations whose mission aligns with our philanthropic priorities.
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Cultural and civil rights institutions

We have long-time partnerships with organizations that celebrate culture, advance social justice and build racial equity.
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The Public and private Sectors

We combine our resources with public and private sector partners to create solutions to systemic problems.