Our work: Mobility

We invest in solutions that use transportation and technology to connect people with the resources and opportunities they need to move forward.

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The Wayne Mobile Health Unit is physically meeting people where they are in their communities, but also further than that, giving them resources and linking them to care remotely.


Dr. Pia-Allison Roa

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Ambulatory Care Wayne Health Mobile Unit

Why We Support

Transportation is often one of the biggest barriers to progress. Without access to reliable and affordable transportation, it can be difficult to obtain essentials like food and healthcare or pursue educational and work opportunities.

Connecting People and Resources

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Essential services


We find new and unique ways to connect people with essentials by putting goods and services on wheels, delivering food and healthcare directly to people in need.

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We partner with nonprofits to invest in creative solutions that reduce barriers and help bridge the gap for people with limited or no access to transportation.

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We invest in entrepreneurs building mobility-based businesses connecting people to essential services and resources.

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Local delivery has helped anti-hunger organizations break down transportation barriers and provide important resources to people in a dignified and convenient way.


Valerie Lefler

founder and executive director of Feonix-Mobility Rising

Our Mobility Partners Include

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